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The purpose of mobile devices was created for easier communication. Decades ago with the advance of technology; mobile devices have become the go-to, multipurpose tool in our daily life. It has caused us to become antisocial and lose focus on human interactions. Are we really losing our minds to mobile devices?

These days I hear some people joke and scold for our obsessions with mobile devices; which I must admit, even for me, it gets pretty bad at times. For that reason, certainly, even I agreed that possibly this could be something terrible for our generation. Heck, Therefore, I would never take lightly the countless deaths we’ve already had as a result of driving and texting or injuries due to “multi-tasking”. So yes definitely, even though we do obsess over these devices, however, most importantly look at the advancements it has truly brought. Among things, I have yet to research and document. Look at how efficiently we collect medical data about ourselves, or how easily we navigate ourselves to aunties’ new home in Chicago.

As I access this bit of information and add it to a larger overview of human progress. It suddenly becomes astounding to see how much we, as humans have advanced and used technology to make our lives easier. In my teen years, I can remember how much I used to LOVE my Walkman. As a result, I wouldn’t put that thing down, yet all I did was listen to music. Of course On the other hand, what if I had also been able to use that thing to take a picture, surf the net, video, or call home to mom or the homies, I would have been from?????? Yeah! The future! Therefore, here we are, yes a little too obsessed at times but in that same breath; I can only wonder how much more advancements I will get to enjoy in my lifetime.